Our Services

Below is a brief description to our services.

1. Expansion joint systems-parking and architectural

2. Epoxy injection of concrete and wood beams


Crack bonding of concrete, brick, terra cotta, and wood. Substrate need not be dry. Cracks from .007 to .25 inch require resin and larger cracks over .25 inch require epoxy paste to prevent exotherming.*

We use many different KEMKO resins. Resins are designed to be thick or thin, to cure fast or slow, to cure in hot or cold conditions, and to withstand extreme heat.

*Exotherming is a slow-motion explosion. As epoxy cures, heat is given off. The more heat, the faster the cure which causes bubbles and very toxic gas to be given off. It also causes a weak, porous bond.

3. Concrete repair

4. Caulking waterproofing - above ground and below-grade


Most leaks in foundations around pipe penetrations, cold joints, etc., can be permanently stopped by injecting epoxy deep into the fault. This requires an experienced installer. Call us for a free consultation: 415-984-1940.

Once flowing water is stopped, dampness can be dried out to a dust dry environment with specialized coatings. In 25 years we have never dug up the exterior of a structure to solve a water problem.

5. Deck coating- epoxy, urethane and methacrylate - based elastomer manufactured by Stirling Lloyd

6. Sika Wrap CFRP

We are approved installers of Sika CFRP, glass and carbon fiber fabric. Sika Wrap CFRP is epoxy-impregnated and used to strengthen masonry walls, concrete floors, ceilings, and columns.

7. Brick,marble,granite and terra-cotta repair

8. Concrete cleaning-pressure washing, biowash